Boost Your Acu-Confidence!

I created this course because I saw Acupuncture students struggling.   Most notably, struggling with Acupuncture point selection.

If you struggle with point selection as a student and do nothing about it, you are likely to struggle during your clinic internship.  If you struggle during your clinic internship, you are more likely to become withdrawn, more likely to not want to contribute to clinic case discussions and it may even get to a point where you don't want to use Acupuncture in your future practice! (I'm talking to you, Naturopaths!)

However, it's never too late to gain that confidence back! 

Acupuncture Point Selection Mastery will provide you with a simple, 5 Step process which makes Acupuncture point selection much easier and much faster than you ever thought possible.   

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Intro to Acupuncture Point Selection Mastery

  • 2

    Step #1 - The Treatment Principle

    • 1.1 - Treatment Principle Terminology

    • Treatment Principle Quiz

    • 1.2 - Treatment Principle Terminology Examples

    • Treatment Principle Summary

  • 3

    Step #2 - The Organs

    • 2.1 - Letting the Organs Guide You

    • Organs Quiz

    • 2.2 - Using the Paired Organ

    • The Organs Summary

  • 4

    Step #3 - Power Points!

    • The Points with Power!

    • The Points with Power - Part II

    • Power Points quiz

    • Power Points Summary

  • 5

    Step #4 - Using the Symptoms

    • Location, Location, Location!

    • Using the Symptoms - Summary

  • 6

    Step #5 - Balance

    • Keeping Things Balanced

    • Balance Summary

  • 7

    Putting Things Into Practice - Cases

    • Case #1 - Supine

    • Case #1 - Prone

    • Case #2 - Supine

    • Case #2 - Prone

    • Case #3 - Supine

    • Case #3 - Prone

    • Sample Case Questions

  • 8

    Conclusion to Acupuncture Point Selection Mastery

    • You are now a Point Selection Master!

Learning Outcomes

Here are the things you will be able to do once you have completed Acupuncture Point Selection Mastery::

  • Solve a TCM diagnosis by constructing a proper TCM treatment principle

  • Recognize TCM organ pairs and understand how they contribute to acupuncture point selection

  • Identify and apply description points to an acupuncture point prescription (such as Yuan Source, Front Mu and Back Shu points) based on the patients’ diagnosis and main clinical symptoms

  • Determine which patient symptoms may be helpful in contributing to an acupuncture point prescription.

  • Create a "balanced" acupuncture point prescription to refine your point selection and improve treatment outcomes

  • Complete and solve TCM case studies using the 5 Steps outlined in the Acupuncture Point Selection Mastery course

Gain More Confidence & Help More People

Don't let a lack of Acupuncture confidence prevent you from having the practice of your dreams!


  • I'm a Naturopathic Doctor - is this course for me?

    This course is highly directed to Naturopathic Doctors who struggle with Acupuncture point selection. Drew has worked in a Naturopathic college for over 15 years and understands the difficulties ND's have with many key concepts of TCM Acupuncture.

  • I'm an Acupuncturist - is this course for me?

    Absolutely, this course is for Acupuncturists. Particularly, new Acupuncture graduates or Acupuncture students who wish to get ahead with Acupuncture point selection.

  • How long will it take me to finish the course?

    Most students are able to complete the course in 2-2.5 hours. However, you can take your time going through the course, there is no time limit. Go at your own pace and absorb the material carefully.

  • Am I able to use this course for Continuing Education Credits for my profession?

    This course is currently applying for continuing education status for Naturopaths and Acupuncturists. If you want to apply for CE's with your regulatory body, email us directly for all the additional course information necessary to complete this process. Only people who have taken the course will be provided this information.

Your Instructor

Acupuncture Educator

Drew Nesbitt R.TCMP, R.Ac.

Drew is an award winning Acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Toronto, Canada. He has been teaching Acupuncture and TCM for over 15 years and has co-developed college level Acupuncture programs - all while maintaining a successful clinical practise for 20+ years. His passion for Acupuncture education is centred around providing students with clinically relevant material so they can be better Acupuncturists and have the practise of their dreams.

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